Volunteer Alberta

Volunteer Alberta approached Pixel Blue with two interesting projects: Design a logo for Volunteerism, and Design a Logo for the Volunteer Legacy Tour..

The Volunteer Legacy Tour is a series of events throughout Alberta that celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary, through volunteerism.

Marissa's campaign "Powered by Volunteers" showcases the some of the many different volunteer opportunities throughout Alberta. From large scale events like the Calgary Stampede, to smaller, more intimate opportunities like the Royal Tyrell Museum. "Powered by Volunteers" targets existing, and potential volunteers by showcasing the diversity of events and opportunities that would not be possible without the help of volunteers.



Volunteerism is an action, idea, and a movement, that encompasses different roles, causes, and events, and applies to all ages, races, and religions. Designing a simple, concise image to clearly convey so many ideas and messages was a daunting task!

Simply put, Volunteering is what you do.

Marissa's campaign highlights the everyday activities that get people motivated to get involved.  The primary volunteerism logo is a representation of growth, and working together to build strong community relationships. The interchangeable icons can be used by organizations looking to showcase their specific cause.

Both of Marissa's campaigns where chosen, and are currently being developed with another logo from fellow Graphic Designer Katrina Singer. The resulting campaign/logo will be available to any and all organizations that work with Volunteers, across Alberta, with the hope and expectation of going national.