The Shamily is a large group of friends brought together by involvment in Electronic Music Festivals. A logo is great way to identify camps and members in large crowds, on t-shirts, flags, banners, or stickers.

Marissa's image combines the logos of the 5 major festivals that brought the friends together, and creates a character reflective of the groups passion for travel, nature, costumes, love and awareness. Affectionately named "Shamil"

Volunteer Alberta; Volunteerism

Volunteer. It’s just what you do. Everyone has hobby or interest, music, animals, activism, health.. the list is endless. Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the things you love.

Marissa's campaign highlights the everyday activities that get people motivated to get involved.  The primary volunteerism logo is a representation of growth, and working together to build strong community relationships. The interchangable icons can be used by organizations looking to showcase their specific cause.

Marissa's campaign is currently being developed into a "certified" seal, or badge that can be applied to any and all organizations that work with Volunteers, to be implemented across the province, with the hope and expectation of going national with Volunteer Canada.

Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues; The Great Neighbor Race

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leauge’s has 100 years of history, and the Great Neghbour Race raises funds for the 100th Anniversary project at Hawrelak Park

Marissa wanted to depict time in this logo. The 3 white lines represent the past, present, and future. The runner is representative of the people and communities that encompass that time. Blues were chosen to represent the flow of time, and like the saying "You can never step into the same river twice" You can never step into the same community twice as the EFCL is always growing and changing.

Camp Unicorn Mallot Mashers

Camp Unicorn Mallot Mashers is Festival Camp that invites other attendees to play croquet in costumes from a tickle trunk. "Festival Rules" are -applied to the game, which includes mashing mallots into the ground on missed turns.

Marissa's image combines the literal name of the camp, with the humour of the acronym. The high contrast makes the logo easy, and econmical to print on a variety of mediums.